Win a 7 day stay in Cabo San Lucas Diamante Resort


This 12 week challenge will transform lives, you must fit the following criteria to apply:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Looking to get into the best shape of your life and lose at least 10lbs of fat.
  • Want to add lean, toned, and firm muscle quickly.
  • Can dedicate 60-90 minutes & commit 3 times a week for Hot Yoga.
  • Are willing to listen, apply our coaching to change your body and outlook on effective fitness (know-it-all’s need not apply!)
  • Don’t mind sweating and getting an intense workout.
  • Willing to invest at least $24.75 per week in yourself.
  • This could include an in-depth personalized hair follicle test valued at $150.

IMPORTANT: If you’re not going to commit 100% to the transformation, which includes very unique yoga training, specifically designed calorie intake, infrared heating, mindset coaching strategies, and accountability; please do not claim one of the 5 spots.

LIST OF DEFICIENCIES: Vitamins (14) Minerals (16) Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3/6/9) Antioxidants (13)Amino Acids (23)
Toxins (levels of radiation, toxic metals, chemicals)
Microbiology (virus, bacteria, fungus, moulds/spores, parasites)
Environmental hazards effecting your life: Electromagnetic Fields (14)
Food & Food Additive Sensitivities
Diet, nutrients, activity, lifestyle and Wellness information 


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