What is Yoga?

Yoga originates from India. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. It is a derivation of the word yuj, which means yoking, as in a team of oxen. In contemporary practice, this is often interpreted as meaning union. Yoga is said to be for the purpose of uniting the mind, body, and spirit.More specifically Hatha means the physical practice of yoga which includes breathing control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, that is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

What is Hot Yoga with IR Heating?

Warrior 1 Yoga uses infrared heating panels which penetrate the skin 1-1/2 inches deep. This deep heating reaches into the muscle tissues and internal organs. Through the body’s natural cooling process, the body will expel sweat by perspiration of toxins like sodium, alcohol, cholesterol, nicotine, and possibly carcinogenic heavy metals like lead, nickel and cadmium. Toxins escape the pores of the skin, leaving a glowing cleaner skin, often with better tone, elasticity, texture, and color.

What are the Benefits to Hot Yoga?

Weight loss, reduce stress, speed injury recovery, reduce muscle stiffness, improve circulation, increase stability, detox the entire body, enhance skin tone, lower blood pressure and a much more!

What should I bring?

Yoga mat, water, body and face towel (Available for purchase in studio)

Do I need to be flexible?

Of course not, we do yoga to gain strength, stability, and flexibility, you will see an increase in these things over time with practice. Just remember, different bodies make different shapes, go at your own pace and do what feels comfortable; never push to the point of discomfort.

Member’s rules & regulations

Please remove shoes and clean feet with cleansing wipes before going into the Yoga Space. Wipes are provided at the door
If you use our Ankle weights, please wipe them off after each use.
Please bring or rent a Yoga Mat, Body Towel and Face Towel, these items are
also available for purchase in store.

  • Please bring or purchase drinking water
  • Please be courteous and quiet while class is in session
  • Please turn cell phone off
  • Unlimited membership allows you to come to as many classes as you wish
  • All memberships are non-transferable, non-refundable, and have a fixed expiration date
  • Warrior 1 Yoga is not responsible for any items lost or stolen during practice
  • Please inform at Front Desk for Corporate Memberships

*Students with high blood pressure, heart or cardiovascular issues, pregnant or recently pregnant, recent surgeries, injuries, or any related past physical or heat sensitive issues are encouraged to seek the advice of their physician before attending any heated classes.